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on pref hiatus from the 23rd-9th i'm sorry

new oneshot coming soon!

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long live all the mountains we moved, i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you

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Get to Know | Jack and Finn Harries (insp. x)


Dan trying to get Phil out of the shot +

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PJ Liguori / mood board


July 26: Finn with @lucyscoops


I'm sorry but your constant complains about losing followers might be the reason you're losing followers. "I don't wanna go under 7k", guess what sweetheart, most people don't even have half of that so be thankful for the followers you do have. Tumblr isn't about how many followers or notes you get, it's about enjoying blogging and if you can't do that without getting deflated over losing a couple of followers I've got some news for you.


well I’ve got news for u : im thirsty as hell


i want to look like an arctic monkeys song

i kind of just stood there awkwardly watching her and loitering until she walked away 

MAKE ME CHOOSE: TomSKa or Jack Howard? (asked by mazetrialling)

"Writer. Director. Actor. Editing sorcerer. Real job avoider. One third of comedy duo Jack & Dean."

Jack Harries in Behind The Lens